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LinkBucks with money from users to post links that you put on your website or your blog post in a forum. It is simple and easy to make money. During the attack based on the Perret is effective in the stairs, shooting automatic weapons, that seems to draw the bullet holes in the wall of the staircase. Bullet holes are in different amounts and patterns between takes. A tango also automatically a weapon and shoot directly in the desktop background, who dived for cover. The mouth is clearly reflected in the side of the table surface, even without bullet hole damage occurred on the desktop. Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash are drogas-detective, who, with great success, does not support each other. Yves Perret of the crime Lord, furious of the loss of income, Tango and cash raises photos has two for murder. Taken with the weapon of the crime at the scene of the crime, the two have an alibi. Released with the most criminal prison contributed, to condemn, to see how trust each other if they want to capture their name and evil Perret. However, the classification is IMDb here, take your time and you will find in this action movie, enjoy. Ray Tango (Stallone) and Gabriel Cash (Russell) are two cops in rival Los Angeles, as the best, than for a murder framed, it Cash Now Info has not committed. If it has been stored in prison, some of the criminals who broke! Tango and cash is somehow colleagues in prison. Prisoners who are have fun with both of them for a while, to develop an evacuation plan and exit. For the tango and the flight of money, you need to figure out who has framed the and will find a way to get by this crime, remove, accused of attempting to take quite a lot.It is a good action movie with lots of comedy, maybe I expected more than the Government. This film remains glued to the TV. Good action is predictable, but as a very good comedy. 7/10, recommended! Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) is a trucker again lead the fight of his life on the side, to make more money in the attempt. After the death of his wife tried with make up. ,,.