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The game also features a variety of additions in the international counter-strike, such as the introduction of female characters, many new weapons and skins for previous weapons. Most of the weapons is blocked by default, virtual money or points are essential to acquire it. More special weapons, bonuses, skins, etc. can be purchased with money. A variety of other special items can also be purchased with.Counter strike online, you are free to play, but will buy weapons, purchased with points in real money. These weapons usually after a certain period of time, but can sometimes permanently while a doctorate. Some weapons and items can be purchased with points that can be obtained by mata, objectives, etc., based on the games online, audition offers the conclusion of a shopping mall, in which players can customize their character's appearance. Players can choose from a variety of hairstyles, shirts, pants, shoes, expensive and various. The game uses a currency in the game, called depending on the version of the characters.(For Indonesia = MI-efectivo)In addition to beats, players can collect system for purchase on the web site of the Publisher. It will be used for different forms of payment in cash, including to obtain. UpdatesBecause hearing Korean, is a Korean company, developed and is updated more frequently, and was the first to see what's new. The server currently has more features, such as mobile phones, micro-some unique feature and exclusive events and in any other server as trade in base event House-hearing Lafesta Guinness step are not available. Bonus options have been planned due to demand. The game offers (movements of dance, songs, modes, etc) is regularly added updates. According to the update of the frequency and size of updates to have different versions of many different gameplay (not available in classical Chinese) Features.Fenstermodus originally a support hearing there is no windowed mode to avoid hacking tools and bugs that could crash the game. However, this feature was coveted by the hearing, and many players have attempted, third-party programs, forcing the game in window mode. At its launch, season 2, showed an official window mode. Characteristics and prevention for hacking also put in place to avoid, programs use hacking tools.CTRL + tab was only Korean (not included in all versions) once to audition, this feature is now available in the popular slowly. At any time during playback or display of repeats, you can meet players, there are unique characters, dancing on stage CTRL - TAB all hide. This snapshot, demonstrations, dance way of color style. much easier and more pleasant to do but some servers do not all tissues hide when you use CTRL + TAB. hearing of Z b HK is still the name of the song, the time, the time on the display bar and Viet Nam always show Maldito global ad. New game modes such as engraving and space concert Pang Pang does not also support CTRL + TAB.Patch download of song in time RĂ©el (hearing of Korea) January 8, 2009, uses now of Korea audition, a new method for players to receive the music files. Most of the songs is not included in the patch and the songs that come with the installation has been reduced. The songs are available for download from the server, if you play the song. Once that a song is downloaded automatically, does either not pent-up except old songs format ABM, requiring every time, when you play again. An exception is the brand new guitar, that requires two separate TBM for each song. One is the original music and the other is a rhythm guitar. Note that the songs are associated with this TBM, so a song is always up-to-date, players need to redownload again two TBM. It can also be integrated to all tracks on an amplifier, this feature has become a major problem with players on the unstable connections. This is because that, once downloaded the song any way damaged, it is not possible to impose still not able to download the songs to play, the only way for the correction of defects song is the elimination of the music.amp, means what is remove all traces to fix the broken pieces.Rapid manufacturing of (Korean) camera hear this feature is actually used to introduce new modes of game, instead of the old characters again, if the room. On the other hand, the player can click on an icon on the screen to select the channel, then the game will create a channel, playing with them both.Best friend forever event (hearing of Korea) has long dates of events, Korean argument, then the two players combine and form your level best friend for always (BFF), Silver (Silver), to play and to deliver its unique character. Each level requires many other games played and spent hours in the game, and as soon as this condition is met, both players will receive money and event to the next level process. Level BFF itself can be improved, but both players play the faster process up a notch to do together. On 16 may, this system was changed, because the money given to bright, which many players cheat / auto attempts to abuse this system. BFF now contains only level 10 and reset 10 times before the players can earn more money (the maximum you can get is now 397000 effective). In addition to two players in the same room, add the last installment of 10%. When the player reaches level 10 BFF, both will receive 5% bonus EXP / 30 days. After maximizing the RDAS, the two players receive 50% bonus EXP / 90 days. daily mission (hearing of Korea) it is a section of the submarine of the great game and the story of how, currently only in Korea audition. How many games it is two quests daily, players can fill 2 map EXP x win and a condition, the random element is similar to the mode great story (in a complete triumph of room with three or more players to play in a certain way), but there is no evidence that a player must do the mission or not all istWer of the calendar with the thumb up button while you watch in the lobby. ? If a player is complete a month of missions, Stand.Charakteristische will receive a pet at random or hear DJ Korean time Systemnew has recently updated this tracking system; the moment recorded how long has played a player. Players spend more time in the game, more advance level (maximum level: 13) and you can change them Info Cash Megaxus to gift boxes or discount card. If a player is disconnected, it has log 10 minutes until the system will be reset to zero. As soon as the players of their level of Exchange, the system time but also to reset.Triple mission PackThis is a series of missions as rookie players (level 10 or less) for a hearing and invite friends. Required to play the first mission within 21 days after each 7 days can receive a gift (30% cards loyalty or letters). The second mission requires players to play 100 balls (except the tournaments), receive a gift (30% cards loyalty or letters). Third mission requires that players add 10 friends (each of them appears as an emoticon in the mission report page, you have a new system of macro macro current system (reduction of 30% or collectible card cards) has changed to change it more easy for even new players.) The player has the ability to modify the document in the file macro.txt in the folder of the game hearing manually or simply enter the Messenger options and change it. The new macro system allows players, your macros in the database to store and allow them to use them on another computer.Best for the cat, new emoticons System1 emoticon system was changed to audition for season 2. Players can now choose different emoticons to insert text in the chat, press CTRL + S, and then click on the emoticon manually button or the text conversion short emoticons (i.e.; Kiss; Victoria). Converting text to emoticons also affected rooms and names of the players, so that they reach new players including the Prafix with IGN show like the emoticons in the lobby and table of users. Players can buy Fashion Mall, new set of emoticons to use to customize more, but these games is sold not for the use of an infinite time. It is also a system of circulation, separated by their system of emoticons, this player must buy all the symbols of the Mall and then use the key to select M and this symbol. Movement appears above the head Charakters.Neue dress (not included in all versions) camera mini system locker is now in the game, so that players dress their character to change without having to go to the Fashion Mall. On the other hand, simply click on the symbol next to the icon of the ATC and the closet is open. Presented at the positions of the players and disappears once that he or she has chosen again to win new clothes, a small piece of dresses are now drawn! You can also change and the guitar in the clubhouse (not included in all versions) accessories.New updated big game (not included in all versions) of the grand old game - KE system, random events currently visible and limited to missions for the story. Not only normal dance, great game is now stunted and a bipartisan beat rush, players can click to see the status of the great game or party vision screen, F10 condition if it occurred during the game. However, some are so ridiculous and difficult to match part (i.e., more large 0