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Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) is a trucker of the difficulties, the weapons on the side struggling to make money when trying to rebuild his life. After the death of his wife tried with peace to close. Ray Tango and Gabriel Cash narcotics detective, both very successful, not support it to the other. Yves crime Lord Perret, for the loss of income the Tango and cash, frame has caused the two murder angry. Taken with the weapon of the crime at the scene of the crime, the two have an alibi. Thrown in prison with criminal has helped to condemn more, it seems that they will rely on others if they want to capture their name and evil Perret considerably. However, the classification here said IMDb it takes time, and to see to enjoy this action film. Ray Tango (Stallone) and Gabriel Cash (Russell) are two cops in Los Angeles rival, as the best, be framed for a murder he did not commit. They died in jail, on some of the criminals, broke! Tango and cash was, uh, so, while his companion in prison. Inmates who a while Link Info Cash have fun with both a plan of escape and exit. Once the escape Tango and cash, should know who it was who deceived and find a way, from this crime to remove, attempting not caught wrongly accused himself.It is a good deed, with a lot of comedy, maybe more than the Administration expected. This film you keep glued to the TV. It's predictable, but good, and as a very good comedy. 7/10, recommended! During the RAID on the premises of the Perret of money on the stairs, shot with an automatic weapon, which seems to take the stairs bullet holes to the wall. Bullet holes appear in varying amounts and patterns between takes. In addition, Tango has an automatic weapon and extends the Bureau, which has plunged on the cover. The Flash significantly reflected in the side of the surface of the table, still no damage not through the Office bullet hole worn away. If your Facebook account is connected and sharing is enabled, it will appear in your activity feed. If this is not the case, you can enable sharing. strictly in cash and Carter were collected and preserved their friendship throughout their lives. In a speech in June 1977, Jimmy Carter realized that his cousin away June Carter, with whom he shares a common paternal ancestor. June Carter cash is perhaps best known for singing and writing songs, was also a writer, dancer, actress, comedian, philanthropist and humanitarian. . In 1974, charged the money a village near his home in the town of Barrett, Jamaica, given, so to build, often visited, playing guitar and singing songs for the children of the village. (which they associated with been) and June met Johnny Cash. June and the slim housing sisters, appeared with mother Maybelle and aunt Sara from time to time calls on behalf of the family of Carter for his achievements in the 1960s and 1970.Con and lanky, June Carter played a comic often paper if the representations of the Group alongside other stars of the Opry. ,,.